Animal Hospital Services
 for New Hyde Park & Floral Park, NY

We don’t like it, but our pets simply don’t live as long as we do. Because of this, we want to ensure you know how important it is to bring your pet in for an annual physical exam at our clinic. The right check-ups and preventative care can keep serious health problems at bay, allowing your pet to enjoy more healthy, happy, frisky years!

Our veterinarian provides a wide range of services for the health of your pet. Read more about them below, and be sure to make an appointment for your pet to see us today! You can also use our convenient appointment request form.
Animal Hospital, Turnpike Veterinary Clinic

We Offer a Variety of Pet Health Services

Diagnosis and Therapeutics

Our clinic has all of the equipment and materials necessary to diagnose and screen your pet for a wide range of illnesses. We also have the capacity to treat just about anything we can screen for.

Surgical Services

With a state-of-the-art surgical suite, we can cover just about all of your pet’s surgical needs in an environment that’s safe and familiar for both you and your pet. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.


Anesthesia is necessary for many pet surgical and dental procedures, which is why we use only the safest available anesthetics. We use the most modern equipment to monitor each patient’s vital signs throughout the procedure. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Internal Medicine Consults

We have an internal medicine specialist for procedures such as ultrasounds and endoscopy to help us diagnose more complex cases.


With modern, high-quality X-rays available on site, we can produce high-quality radiographs to provide quick diagnoses of many disorders and injuries.


We can perform an ECG on site as well as consult with a cardiology specialist.


Your pets need dental care, too! We can perform minor oral surgery on site as well as clean and polish teeth, take X-rays, and extract teeth.


Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we can perform a wide range of tests (urinalysis, parasite testing, hematology, serology, serum chemistry, and more). For specialized diagnostics and consultations, we utilize commercial veterinary laboratories.

Permanent Identification

A microchip can give you permanent peace of mind, since it can help you identify your pet if he or she is ever stolen or lost.


For pharmaceuticals, shampoos, vitamins, flea and tick controls, and heartworm preventative products, look no further than our in-house pharmacy. We even carry food for prescription diets. Should your pet require a specially compounded drug, we’ll handle the order and make sure it’s shipped right to your home.

Individualized Flea Control Program

Even pets that stay indoors most of the time can get fleas! Besides reviewing the best flea control methods for your house, yard, and pet, we can also develop a specific program to prevent fleas on your pet.

Dietary Counseling

Whether you want to make sure your pet grows healthily, maintains his or her weight, or performs at a top level, we have the right guidance for your pet’s nutritional needs.

Behavioral Counseling

Nearly every pet runs into behavior problems sooner or later. We can help you with a wide range of problems, from barking, scratching, chewing, and digging to spraying, aggression, and house soiling.


Not only can we spare you from turning your bathroom into a disaster area after a routine bath, we can also provide therapeutic baths for your pet.

Emergency Care

Please see our Contact Us page for more information on after-hours emergency care.

Health Certificates

Whether you’re taking your pet around the world or just to New Jersey, you need to have a health certificate for your animal. All animals that leave New York State are required to have this. Unlike many veterinary practices, we can write health certificates for international travel! However, please keep in mind that some countries take months to prepare for pet transport. Do your homework and schedule accordingly for a smooth process.

End-of-Life Services

If it’s time for your pet to cross the rainbow bridge, the decisions you need to make are often very difficult. Our staff is here to help every step of the way with compassionate care. One of our specialties is in-home euthanasia. Euthanasia is available at the clinic as well. We also offer cremation services.
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